Answers UK Radio - Episode 24

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  • Song Name: Answers UK Radio - Episode 24
  • Artist: Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe)
  • Album: Answers UK Radio
  • Year: 2010

The BioLogos Foundation claims to be an organisation within the bounds of conservative evangelicalism. Founded by Dr Francis Collins, of human genome project fame, it includes contributions from people such as Peter Enns, Alistair McGrath, and NT Wright (aka Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham). In this podcast, presenter Paul Taylor argues that their theology is actually old-fashioned liberalism. As a test case, the programme looks at what Wright, Enns and McGrath have to say about Adam and Eve. They don't believe Adam and Eve to be real historical figures, and with this view they go further away from biblical doctrine than do other theistic evolutionists such as Denis Alexander or John Stott.

The programme features Richard Alexander singing Just Six Days, from the CD Light and Life.